SOBOYE is an Afro-Lux Brand representing African Luxury; exceptional Fashion & Lifestyle design from the African Diaspora perspective. 

We present our business to a multicultural, discerning and design savvy clientele. SOBOYE is about showcasing products that are craft based with most of our brands have an element of being hand-made; that are directional, beautiful and are of exceptional quality.

The Soboye Fashion & Lifestyle brand, supports and gives a platform to both emerging and established African and Afro-Caribbean brands and design talent. 

We are committed to sustainable industries and working with small production units and local artisans in developing countries.

 The brand is a head to toe, body, soul lifestyle brand inspired by our multiculturalism.

When stepping foot into our boutique it is clear and evident, you see and feel it all around the store.

From our, soft furnishings to our, clothes and accessories, it speaks the lifestyle we lead and our customers take a piece of this when they leave SOBOYE.”

“Our ideas and inspiration come from all around us, from the restaurants he visits, to the architecture around our London streets and the places he travels to and the people he meets. But first of all, it comes from his culture.  are extremely proud of this and have reflected this in our brand”

The SOBOYE brand has grown organically and is evolving with a strong DNA and brand identity. The influences when designing SOBOYE collections are very much based on Samson’s personal style, not dictated by trends or seasons. SOBOYE embraces creativity, vibrancy, colour and texture, exuding confidence and character.

Soboye has a distinctive look and has a unique and individual sense of style, inspiring, cutting edge and doesn’t hold back. 

NB* - We have a in-house Bespoke service so are fully equipped to make any of our specific styles in your size and choice of fabric. We can also create new designs for a specific brief.

Please make an in-store appointment if you require this service. Most styles that may be sold-out online can be ordered at the store. Allow 2-3 weeks for accessories and 4-5 weeks for tailoring.